Home Automation
Lighting Control
  • Control lights with voice, phone app and manual touch flat panel glass switches
  • You can schedule individual or a series of light and other devices to go on/off as per convenience
  • Use smart phone to remotely control lights, fan and other devices anytime from anywhere via phone app
  • You can now customize scene with multiple lights and devices

Fan with Speed Control
  • Realize all controls via phone, manage the ceiling fan either at home or remotely
  • Fan turns on/off at the scheduled time
  • Stepless speed regulation can be adjusted at will

Automated Motorised Curtains
  • Take full control of your home curtains anytime from anywhere, working well with smart curtain switch
  • Hands-free voice control, works with Alexa

Lamp with Dimmer
  • Coming soon...

Motion Sensor Lights
  • Auto PIR Motion Sensor
  • Saves Energy
  • Goes to sleep automatically
  • Only turns on during night

Legal Policy
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